Creating 1:12 scale miniatures of whatever strikes my fancy.

 Thumbwick Miniatures was born in 2016. I have loved miniatures since I was a child, when my grandpa built a dollhouse for me. As a teenager I collected miniatures and subscribed to Miniature Collector magazine. From one of those magazines, I clipped out an advertisement for the House of Miniatures club, mailed it in with my $1.00 and received the Chippendale dresser kit. This was my first endeavor in building miniatures, and I loved it. Alas, I was a poor kid, so I did not continue with the club to receive a new kit every month for $8.95. As an adult (yes, I think I'm finally an adult) I became interested in hand-making miniatures from scratch. Each one I make gives me a tiny thrill - so I show my husband, and he dutifully admires it. Now I get to share those creations with others on my site. I also offer craft supplies for other do-it-yourselfers, and a little bit of anything for everyone else. Thank you for checking out my shop, and if you buy something - thank you very much for your support. If you love what you buy, please let me know, as that gives me a tiny thrill too. Have a wonderful day!
- Margie

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